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How to Measure for a Smooth Deliver

To avoid Delivery Day disappointments, here are some tips.

Step 1 – Choose the right furniture for your space.

Start by using blue or green masking tape to mark out the area on your floor where your merchandise will sit. This will help you to visualize how much space each piece will take up, how much space you have left, traffic areas, and even help determine sizing for rugs. You can also use the masking tape on walls to measure the height of each piece.

Step 2 – How to measure furniture to ensure a smooth delivery.

It is your responsibility to ensure the furniture you select will fit in your space as well as through the necessary path to get there. Measure the path your merchandise will take from the time it leaves the delivery van to when it arrives in its final destination. Be sure to measure the width and height of all entryways (A and B), as well as clearances beyond doorways (C). Please be mindful of obstacles such as light fixtures, ceiling heights, banisters and turns.

Door Way Elevator
Halfway Clearance
Elevator Landing

How to measure furniture:

Measure the depth of the piece (D) and the height (H) and check that at least one of these is less than the width (A) of your doorway to ensure it will fit through. See diagram below. It is also very important to measure the diagonal length of the piece from top left corner to bottom right corner on the back (DI). Please note: If you don’t have the ability to measure the furniture please follow the instructions on how to calculate the diagonal length of furniture below.

Sofa / sectional component


Bookcase media unit or other piece

Bookcase media unit or other piece

To ensure the piece is maneuverable through these obstacles, the diagonal length (DI) of the piece must be less than (B) or (C) or both to fit through.

The DI must be at least one these:

  • less than the height (B) of your doorway, elevator, entrance or the ceiling height of stair landing or hallway
  • less than your clearance (C) beyond doorways, inside your elevator, in entrances or stair landings

Prepare for Your Scheduled Home Delivery Appointment

Outside your home:

Please ensure your driveway is clear, and all entrance steps are clear and free from ice, snow, bikes, toys and other hazards and obstacles. (Remove any seasonal decorations)

Inside your home:

In preparation for your delivery, remove pictures, accessories, etc. from the walls to prevent damage. Also ensure that the area where you would like your furniture placed is free and clear of any items that may obstruct the passageway. Please secure your pets as furniture pieces can be large and heavy and we do not want anything to happen by accident. Our delivery teams are not permitted to move your electronics, or other household belongings and cannot set up lamps, hang pictures or mirrors on walls, or make electrical connections for entertainment units.